RED 11 – A Reflection

Reflections of a past that mirrors

and made it beautiful.

Reflections turning tears into laughs

as I covered roads less traveled past

into the image in tomorrow’s mirror..

As I conclude that each heartbreak surpassed

was just a misgage on the length of a drawn out moment,

pretended to fit a timeline that extends beyond the concept of measurement.

Because reflections reflect an image,

of tomorrow and it’s past.

My projection is my reflection, of what I choose to project

So if I throw out negativity, negavitity will I reflect

And before you know it, I got a circle of bitches

and a room full of niggas..

with bad attitudes and perceptions

whose eyes hold the iris of green dollar cash figures..

Instead of a pride of well rounded women

and a tribe of lion king men

who respect life too much, and love too much to put fingers on emotional triggers.

Thus, sincerely, I apologize for the cracks in the glass

and the resurrections of reflections past

when I replicated the image of my scars upon your heart’s mass..

For those distracted perceptions, discontent projections..

The peace in the pieces of my sewn-together sections,

Restitching the seams of past, present and future lessons…

So that my present projection reflects the Light Shining From the King’s Direction.



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