A MERMAID WITH NO TAIL – On Transformations of Self

Northern waves and western winds..

within the blue of the onyx where heaven and earth meet,

also found along the space between

the toes of my feet.

I am a mermaid without a tail..

I’m sure I had one, once upon a lifetime, once upon a story..

when humans and gods experimented in sexual glory.

I a mermaid without a tail today..

who can’t stop making love to the ocean’s love story.

The water is love, and I love the water,

to me, the ocean is the beginning of mother and father.

It is the seed of my soul, it is the cradle of my heart..

being distanced from it, is what pulled my tail apart.

I am a mermaid without a tale … with a grand story.

I come from a place where the bubbled blues and greens collide

to the free spirited rollercoaster that could have only been designed ..

by the apex of artistry, the Amethyst Mastermind.

Irreplably replicated, impossible to fathom a redesign

of this massive existence of love, from which all of biology derived.

You, too, are a mermaid without a tale… with a grand story.

From a grand place you came, from a grand sculptor you were made..

With a grand role to be played,

as your tail became the feet that would surface the way..

“Rather than intertwining with water, you will now stand upon ground,”

said the whisper of the ocean as it cradled in the seashell to harbor it’s own sound.

“Now you will breathe air, and the waves will not crash as loud…

Clutch me in your heart, or carry me on a string

and I promise my tide will still guide your feet and the waves will always sing..

and remember, baby, the TRUTH IS THAT….

Mermaids sacrifice their tails… for a set of Wings.”



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