A MOTHER’S COMPASS – In Dedication to Rita Alina Kane, may She rest amongst the stars.

A mother is a mother..

For being a daughter of a mother,

For being the mother of a brother.

A mother is multiple hearts

And Holograms of souls

For EVERY child her womb has owned..

Whether birthed with success

or beheld by God from breathing it’s first breath

Planned or aborted, given to be adopted

or in some way distorted

Conceived naturally or scientifically pre-ordered,

I’ll even grant the ones that were wanted her whole life..

but her uterus never got it’s issues sorted…

YOU.. are my heart.

TU eres mi sonrisa impenetrable

Es dulzura tierna TU imagen

TU eres mi principe azul

TU eres mi reina adorada

Mi esencia atterizada y a la misma vez

Son mis almas voladas

YOU..are my heart

YOU are more than a child, a thought, a plan or an obsession

YOU are more than an oops, more than a trap, even if one or more of your parents experienced the thought of having YOU, as a question

YOU are more than an identity, more than a lineage continued

YOU are the heart of the woman who formed YOU uncontrollably

YOU are the heart of the woman who gave to God, YOUR development,

very vulnerably.

YOU are the heart of a woman who couldn’t wake without feeling ill

She couldn’t sleep from YOUR footprints on the inside of her bowels

Or the hooking of her lower rib cage by YOUR small feet.. and still..

Endured the fear of delivering until it finally came to pass

Some of us giving birth only in the company of strange faces

Wondering how much longer the pain would last

And still..

YOU are the heart of this woman whose love for YOU, cannot be surpassed.

Whether she knows how to love or left YOU on day two on a stoop,

YOU are forever the heart of a woman – who held YOU, in her womb.

YOU are not your situation, YOUR accomplishments, or YOUR goals

YOU are not your failures, YOUR burned bridges or a lost soul

YOU ARE THE HEART OF A WOMAN whose love for YOU is forever a compass to God’s road.

Camila Sofi, for my mom, Rita.


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