This is for the woman

that wasn’t properly shown how to be a lady.

That lacked in fatherly nurture

since the time that, she, was a baby.

Just like our growing boys who had no example of a man

We, little women, too have suffered

from the matrimonial disunity of the fathers who ran.

Her mother may be bitter and angry, resentful and cold.

Incapable of loving her daughter that she should behold

As a princess, a diamond, a giver of life.

Because of all the tears cried for her father

and those sleepless feeding nights.

I understand, we may have not had

the greatest role models.

But thats no excuse

to have ho’ed out full throdel.

Seeking the fullfillment

of the void of her self-esteem

She runs to the approval

of the mainstream regime.

The men that approve of her beauty

only to break apart her personal unity.

Taking advantage of her heart

by invading her body,

and killing her soul with

every false “im sorry”.

Seeking to be loved,

she had no fair chance,

she was raised unbalanced.

And now crutches on her sexuality

as being a talent.

My sister – my friend – my lady beneath

The sway of the hips and the tastless dancing tease,

There is a diamond, a shine, a queen of her times.

She just has no one to show her, so I speak these lines

A real woman –  a lady

That will give fruit to annointed babies

She will be sure of her yes and her no

not accepting foolish maybes

A real woman – a lady

That patiently makes it easy

to not be hasty.

She does not yell or sream

or feel the need to pretend that she can surpass your crazy.

A real woman – a lady

Is detected by all that sorround her.

And THIS is the reason

all are astounded BY her.

So to my women – my ladies beneath

Remove that mask of sex appeal

and the tricks between the sheets..

allowing yourself to grow into being

all the criteria that you should meet as a lady.

Be aware of your flaws and how they root

to bigger issues,

Be aware of the cause –

it’s okay from time to time need some tissues.

But please do not allow any part of you

to be misused.

Taken for granted

or treated as refuse.

Because YOU are a lady

And all ladies are diamonds,

in all colors and sizes.

They all shine the brightest,

and will ALWAYS retain the market value




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