PURPOSE IN PARADISE – Written & Performed for the International Non-Profit Group, “Third Hope Uganda” Silent Art Auction held in Orlando, FL 2012

Purpose in paradise is relatively easy to recognize.  Mixed drinks perhaps, soft sands and ocean crested waves to ride.  But… what if purpose included not frozen daquiris but blended emotions.  Red stained rocks with the blood of children’s hands … taught to feel at fault for not being worthy to even understand, said white sand.  What if nature’s children rode not the waves of sea foam in the salty blue, but whose childhoods drowned in the riptides of a massacrist that looked just like them too… what if, their purpose was erased before defined, what if purpose in paradise were kidnapped, ransacked and misaligned.

Something we struggle with ourselves to administer locally, “what was i born to do?” is hopefully a thought that has occured within us all, at least remotely.  And we live in a society tailored to comfort, where survivial is a topic only to be considered.. socially.  Do I fit in here or there, do I rock this outfit or wear this style of hair.  Never do we encounter, the randomly even imagined wonder, of being kidnapped at age lets say 5, blackmailed with the decision to kill your mother or brother –  you choose, too bullied to decide, too weak to survive, and afterwards, too tormented with guilt to even slightly feel alive.

Possibilities of childhood memories misplaced in disgrace.  As these babies are institutionalized to become murders, soldiers and miniature killers. Forced to kill more than the target of their superior orders, they murder the memories of a happy childhood as their lives are distorted.

See, purpose in paradise is relatively easy to recognize.  And some of us still struggle.  But if you still haven’t found it, kindly I urge you to help those that do.  These children deserve to heal, these children deserve to feel, what being a kid, eating a balanced meal, seeing a doctor, and spiritually healing their wounds can do.

The way to purpose is through art, and creativity. So let’s blend all our talents and administer parenting at least locally… profess love with our group effort as we rise to become the sages that our children need more than just vocally, my child belongs to this village and your child is his sibling so let’s remember that kids also need to be singing … also need to be healing.. also need to be grieving… and are here, because they deserve to be – receiving.. so let’s get on with the gift of giving. Let us spread the effort to beyond our own homes and beyond the 25th of december, these limitations only cater to the financially imperialistic members – let’s rename society, humanity, and watch the marketing efforts dismember and sever – erasing the lines that we’ve permitted… let’s heal one another, by writing down the walls, and give what we’ve been given. Find your spirit and share it, from the bottom up, from children to adults, community is worldwide but we can start locally.. wassup, do you feel it?


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