“Graceful Rhetoric Accounts for Compassionate Energy.”

Compassion for the redeemed.

Written and directed, by the wizard as she dreams

The wizard lies within everything and everyone existing,

Illustrated by his insides, by the smile of his heart’s seams

Copywritten by compassion, from the gardener to his seeds.

If we read between the letters, Between G.R.A.C.E.’s “a” and “c”

A whisper of white “servitude” lies within..the connection between you and me.

Gratitude serves as a humble reminder to have respect for one’s accountability,

Servitude is the silk that ties this to compassionate energy.

The humble prophet keeps humility in serving… what he means.

Graceteful for the opportunity to serve, grateful for the noun that is a verb

Respecting his own accountability to serve with, and by, compassionate means.

Compassion for the redeemed.

Redemption for the humble, light is a promise of truth…

Everything is as bright, as however we so choose.

Compassion for the redeemed.

The Ego, still attempts to visit, even after we shake is loose.

Like an imaginary friend that grew lonely,

He holds compassion.

Like a lost lover in his fancy,

She holds compassion.

Compassion is forgiveness for the redeemed.

Compassion is overstanding all things,

When understanding is not obligatory.

The humble prophet caresses the hearts of the humbled

For they have been one in the same.

For they are one in the same.

For we are all one.

Compassion overstands all things

Because understanding need not exist.

The humble prophet is compassionate in his wizardry.

The humble prophet … remembers his own words from his era of humility, and SERVES precisely what He means.


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