Calling all beautiful people.

Urgent positions need immediate fillings… help needed yesterday… start ASAP

The universe offers a compensation of a full rate pay … warm smiles, occasional home cooked meals, a 24 hour crisis – need a shoulder to lean on – I’m so glad you answered the phone – hotline..

I can extend an imperfect, but I try my best type of friendship ..

Calling all the beautiful people… beautiful people needed in Dade.

I think some of them stand here to listen, a Miami child whose been away for a while.. I see you.  Thank you for allowing your souls to be glisten..

you are very much appreciated.

Like a breath of fresh breeze, beautiful people are what we all need, from the interior out, a glow of white stream radiating from their chests – their love is so real, their hearts expel light beams…

Beautiful people are Sweet smelling roses, Fruit bearing bushes and Widely branched trees…  the Coral Gables kind, that canopy over your sunroof .. you know the ones.  With the strong hearty leaves..

The kind that provide shade, not shady faces… nurturing love in natural places.

We live in this garden, can we color it back … to how God paints it?

Breeding well rooted trees, not spoiled rotten seeds

No ugly faces, or harsh sounding tones, grimy vibes or rough, skin slicing stones

Beautiful people are gems amongst rocks… and petals amongst thorns.

To find our child within, is beauty reborn.

So my goal is to go just one day…  in this garden of angry drivers, bochinche riders, gossip columnists, and deep-sea bullshit divers,

If I could just go one day… BEING beautiful to those trapped in this demise..

Patiently wait for that Hialeah driver to lift her head from her phone, without swirving

Overstand that my people are Cuban and speak with a recent revolution in their tone…

and not take it personal.  Not raise my defenses or allow their projection to become my reflection, rather propel more of my light into their perception

I would call it a good day!

Because that means I did my best, I passed my environments test, and I bet that the following morning, Id feel I experienced a well deserved nights rest..

I’m just trying to become beautiful.

Calling all the beautiful people… we need you today.

Beautiful people needed in Dade.

Attitudes are not sexy… sweetness is style…

Anger is not ravishing, its played out and wild

And I think we’re getting too old now to be acting out like a child

Beauty is…

An hourglass figured heart not a falsely sculpted smile that easily falls apart

A humble soul not a wod of cash pocketed up in a rubber-banded roll

A person of character, courageous enough to be led by their soul

Beautiful poeple… appreciated in Dade.

A small good deed goes an extra long way.

Groceries purchased, dinner cooked for an aging father, means the world to him…  when he lives all alone and far from his daughters..

While your date waits outside, what’s a little anticipation to mind – a genuinely given massage for your single mom sister.

Teaching your oldest niece to respect her elders by rewarding her seniority with secret extra scoops of ice cream and chocolate syrup kisses to show that you missed her 🙂

Beautiful deeds, grow lovely trees and simultaneously plant romantic seeds.

I’m just trying to become beautiful.



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