“MORNING BLOSSOM” – On Flowering Women

This is for the the Sunflower, the Lily and the Lilac, the Hibiscus and the Rose – and the many types of flowers that our garden holds.

We FLOW through the GLOWS of who we ARE
.. like the sailboats that seem to coast directly into STARS.  But all I can do is find myself sitting…. pondering at this BAR.  Drinking to the upSETS, closed to intimacy – thats celibacy, that means no SEX.  Please don’t touch my SCARS.  Because it was only me who put them there and they tend to spread upon contact – I think I’m contagious.  pretentious – pretending like I got it all TOGETHER, but the past few years have had stormier than clearer WEATHER, my hearts strapped up in what feels like a seam-full of suffocating rawhide LEATHER … and I just wanna be “me” BETTER.

I like wearing dresses SLENDER.  I’m a high heels kinda girl but sometimes flat sandals fit the WEATHER… other times some adidas and a matching hooded SWEATER.  I just wanna be “me” BETTER.  But I lost her years ago, I think she died along with her MOTHER.. now this hologram you see before you, is just a projection of lost depression.. what’s the BOTHER?
All I really have left is pity and regret for my past LOVERS, they deserve a medal for fighting the dead me in those STRUGGLES, I feel, nobody knows my TROUBLES.  So how could anyone but me, fit inside this BUBBLE?  You all cant understand.
But everybody’s got that kinda STORY – you either burn or rise with GLORY.  And if you burned once, fly upwards from the ashes like a pheonix in the MORNING… Dear God, please continue to illuminate my mind with only the lightning from our conversations and only the sound of thunderbolts from our BRAINSTORMING; please keep my peace and keep these onyx black clouds from ever again FORMING, maybe I should just spend some time in tears and squeeze out the teary clouds… because sometimes, its just down POURING.
Today I’m on the uprise, rooted in the garden of good soil – embracing my shadows and engulfing them with love so that by MORNING, a sprout of a flower can be SHOWING… and a white petal can be SEEN.  Because no matter where you are, you always have everything you NEED.
It’s never as dark as it may SEEM. There is always hope around you, they key is remaining grateful for all things GIVEN and RECEIVED.  This will lead you to overstand and gain HUMILITY – writing down the walls of pride and embracing ones IDENTITY….
Both dark and light.
All the beauty and the ugly and all shades INBETWEEN found in your COMMUNITY are merely reflections and projections of YOURSELF.  Here are my truest, untainted intentions – laid before you.. here is my heart, here is all of me.. is all my SPIRITUAL WEALTH.
Just enjoy this human REALM.
It is a gift – every BLESSING comes with TESTING – so at the ordained moment of its ENDING, a new beginning comes with your decision of upwards ASCENDING.  Till then and continued, let’s be a little more tolerant, a little more overstanding, rather than a lot of understanding. A little more FEELING, less apahetic, definitively elimination of arguments and SCREAMING.  A little more compassion, less harassment.   What you SEEK is what you REAP.. what you sow is really what you MEAN.. what you CHASE, just RICOCHETS.  If we stop chasing the thought… we find the moment.
From the images of your mind will your world be MOLDED. Let me say that again… FROM THE IMAGES OF YOUR MIND WILL YOUR WORLD BE MOLDED.  THIS is what you’ve manifested.. so far.  Your reality comes from SUBCONSCIOUS INTENTIONS.. so as a queen has a less abrupt approach to her kings command on the KINGDOM, our conscious minds, if wise alike, must take a similiar role to the waves of our subconscious FREEDOMS. Silence the EGO, master the art of “Letting Go” –  Truthfully examine your INTENTIONS… and make of your world, exactly what your heart MENTIONS.
Overstanding the human condition is a delicate MATTER.  As we have all been conditioned – let us strip the hot oil from our CHARACTERS.  Let’s be bold and open our pores to even the impurities of DARKNESS while being whole enough to exorcise immunity from the compassion of your SILENCE .. resist the temptation to OBTAIN. Allow sometimes, your heart to be STAINED – but never your soul.  Let’s be SO human that we become immortal.  Love enough to forgive yourself for that which you nor any other bares no BLAME, because blame does not exist where overstanding REIGNS.
I just wanna be “me” better – first I had to find her in the suburban garden of human CONDITIONING, strip her from the exaggerated guilt that held her mind from REPOSITIONING, transport the bruised and misguided GIRL to be washed by ocean CRESTS, we allowed the water to drown all the darkness and penetrate deep into her CHEST, flooding every crevice of her negative self image until she saw that being herself, WAS BEING THE “BEST”.  We placed on her ring finger, a salty PEARL – and then planted her feet in the soil of her SOUL so that she root within the garden of what HER world HOLDS.  We watered her with wisdom and graced her with abundant LIGHT.. what a beautiful flower blossomed from that little girl last NIGHT.

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