They always ask me, what I do for fun?

What bar I go to, when I am free for drinks..

I smile petitely. As I prepare myself for the typical answer of my honest response, that usually leads to one of two reactions. Which will tell me all I need to know about one of the two types of men he is.. the one that can surf, and the one that won’t try.

I spend my evenings Free-diving from the precipice of paper… Sky climbing..

Through the clouds of premonitions and reading books of philosophy and poetry, simultaneously imagining that one day I have someone who can romance such an intellectual conversation .. accordingly..

His eyes glare over.. and the courageous few request… “Can I hear some of your writing?”

I allot for a brief pause of deep consideration, and throw a curve ball just to fancy his inclination.

Surfs up, homie.

Sure…here is my latest piece. Titled, ” Upon Further Deliberation”

She says .. RELEASE.
Boundaries between countries.
And borders we call walls.

Even the oldest and the greatest
built by the strongest and the bravest,
were …. only built to fall.

I wonder if he overstands that I’m referring to the Wall of Berlin as well as the walls of human psyche within.

Prisoners from rental-income, hen-cages and chickens from the farm.
Release children from the mediocre educational methods, that tend to produce less good, more harm.
Release our students from the standardized teaching and testing,
the normalcy of comparing,
and the lack of left brained resting by the exercises of right brained, creative manifesting.

Just RELEASE.. all the “expecting.”

RELEASE. As a people.. the addiction to electronics, our codependency on the press, social media based self esteem, Just … stop! settling for less.

RELEASE. The conditioning from any other person’s beliefs and projections.

RELEASE that ability for other people to Velcro onto you, their own intentions..
it is time for one’s own deliberation. As a person. As a people.

RELEASE the illusion of time.
Existence is a collection of uncountable moments, but hold ourselves.. accountable.
at all times.

RELEASE. The inadequacy of our preparation as a self sustainable group..
We’ve been taught to become the opposite of UNISON.
We’ve forgotten to which army, we are troops

Because our egos aspire to lead.
Recall a leader speaks to the kingdom comprehensively
He/she Can express, write, speak and read.

We no longer effectively communicate
because we have lost the vision
with which we were sent here to see.

We have lost touch with our wisdom.

it has been erased by TV.

The tide is rising.. now … I think he no longer fears the waves.. let’s get whimsical.

Journaling thy thoughts with the pen stroke of UN-conditions.

Free living.. no restriction!

Free loving.. no affliction!

All tensions removed with the medicinal glare of the moon… from even the city rooftops.

While you’re up there, find yourself in the stars..

Imagine the planetary flower

glowing from some rosebush afar,

That shine, that twinkle… is the smile of that star.

see the connection.

RELEASE the space of separation between human hands holding as a whole.

RELEASE the hesitancy to love one another, support one another, RELEASE the habitual standoffish sense of cold.

The main weapon they have against us, is the inability to collectively connect.

We have an intolerance for unity, we tend to confuse what is correct…

We distract from the facts, with the “need” to define what happens next..

When, in truth, it is by Faith that we walk and wisdom that we KNOW

That this entire existence was all scribed in ancient texts, very long ago.

Pen strokes keep calling, ink drops free falling

from the tears of UN-conditioning..

She says. RELEASE the need to know.

Prepare yourself to go.

Be ready at the show.

EMBRACE. The offenses, for which you were taught to erect barbed fences.

Overstand the “offender”. Let’s correct the dictionary.. “Giver”, … replace the word, “Lender”.

Retitle the “Borrowers”. Let’s call them what they are… “fellow commUNITY members”.

She says.. and I wonder if he’s still listening.. to

Recognize that “debt” is a word, meant to enslave,

designed to place a bid of false claim,

on your time and mind in a game.

Renting your human energy for an salaried rate,

just to pay a pretend debt, in a perpetual cycle

from which there is no designed escape.

That is riddle to their rhyme,

They are capitalistic poets

placing value upon your hours

to the bottom dollar, for the actual value of sum Chinese ran, dollar store, plastic flower.

Remember, poetry is power, and they’ve made collateral from design.

We live in the rough draft of their system,

that is currently aflame on the global stage,

blowing the ashes of it’s currency

on our red pen marks of edit and exposure of their crime.

Let us reintroduce stage right…. fishing and the pruning of trees seeded from mangoes and limes. Encore to the veteran concept, of barter and trade, let us, as a people, naturally realign.

I tell him … in case he hasen’t quite understood.. that

I spend my evenings.. writing and defining my balance between human life & nature’s order, and that doesn’t include condoms or scotch…

It means if you can hang ten on a strong wave… no barriers and a good whiskey on the rocks.

I spent my evenings..

Sky climbing to the pen strokes of UN-conditioning,

free drawing the concept of intention.. and focusing on my skill of scribing.. from.. listening.

Ink and emotion, thoughts and commotion..

are to be released before spillage,

are to be expressed before thy village.

Pens and words, adjectives and verbs

Construct the sentences, that become our worlds.

So I .. spend my time … in deliberation of un-conditioning,

Reflecting on existence, researching it’s significance, and projecting, with insistence, the deepest findings of our earth’s truth.

But.. the conversation only gets that far, if I am able to annotate, that he share’s my intention’s roots.

The conversation only gets that far, if I can see in his eyes and give daps to his soul.

And if he’ll allow me to see where his un-conditioning floats …. I’ll summon the ocean to show how un-conditional love takes hold.


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