The sunflower it spotted me and.. the gardeners, well, some of them have rotted me, but even manure makes you grow.  The sunflower.. it spotted me, from first sight upto front row.  The sunflower, she spotted me when I needed  so urgently, guidance of such.  She would steer my face to the sun, because she knew I needed light so much.

So when she embodied you to let you see my essence through her my eyes, she knew you would one day arrive and embrace me with her touch.  Yes… the universe brought you here.  I just wonder… if you realize how much.

Maybe you came for these words.. maybe you came to feel some ancestors love through my verbs.  Maybe you came to feel what type of interplanetary, universal love you really deserve.

The kind that makes you write poetry about how love transcends time and physical forms, the kind of love that allows you to grasp that concept – because of how much of another’s soul you can see.  The kind where if you simply nurture it, can gently release all the illusions “free”.  It can develop into the inspiration to make you leave your planet to mate with a different God.. possibly realize your true potential and create new planets of interracial, but never incidental, prodigies of cosmic love.

The kind of love that moves me to dance on top of stars. When every time your touch lands on my surface, you conquer within my genetic makeup, intercellestial wars.

You say you are here to defend & I believe you.  Because with you, I feel the utmost strength & grace .. because with you, I live in the point of singularity and onness, where knowledge confirms faith.

And that kind of love.. that spiritual, take you there, so you can feel it dancing through you.. so, so smoothly that you become so helplessly and humbly enveloped in the minor detail of his character & reliably find God at the end & beginning of that thought, that kind of love.. is simple to spot.

The sunflower, by the sea, it spotted me.  And she did…. send you to me.

I think the sun makes love to the sea, and salt becomes the seed.  “You are the salt of the earth.  Matthew 5:13 “You are the light of the world,” immediately following. I think the sun makes love to the sea.. making this earth life-sustainable, just as long as love lives free.

What I feel is a love not for possession, not for titles, not for names.  What I feel for you is unconditional, non judge-mental, universally real & infinitely stained.  We are cosmic, planet-jumping superheroes that came here to bloom in the garden of mother nature’s rain.

The sunflower, by the sea, she spotted me… I bloomed at the time that you acknowledged me.. and, my sunshine you became.






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