I don’t know anything about you .. and I’m not sure that I want to.

I am more skeptical than hopeful in thinking you might actually be noble.

Because the man I really want.. he needs to show me something.  Take me on a mental ride.  I need him to expand my latitudes and stimulate my mind.  I need you to keep it moving, not just be down for the ride.

You’re supposed to lead me.  Through a divine third eye, see me.  Teach me.  Be the soft side of my ear and be the one to reach me.

Can you do this?

Beyond the physicalities, can you prove this? Growing my mentality through spirituality, can you root this? Work through the rocky road of an adventure called a relationship, can you smoothe this? And will you realize my significant in your life, before you fuck up, and lose this?

All these things I question, as you attract my attention. By the way you walk and talk, and the way that your pants land on your shoes, I observe.  Attempting to answer all my questions.  Before I sacrifice any of my poetry in your direction, before by my second sentence, I got you blowing up my phone, beggin me for some attention. Before all of dat.  I put you through my standard inspection.  This way.. you won’t pull the “oh wait baby I forgot to mention, that’s just like me. I write poetry.”

I need you to fulfill all my dimensions, if you know what I mean.  Filling fully every ? of not just my mind, but the places to extract a scream – I need you to kiss me in all the places that can kiss you back, sealing our spiritual bond with an every so often, good smackety-smack.

I need you to demand of me the things that you need.  Because if u can satisfy my requirements we can live under a tree, for all I care. Just as long as there’s coconuts above us and sand between my toes.. An ocean alongside us and God running the show. I won’t ever ask for a whole lot from u. Just what’s written and prmised in Ephesians 5.22. I got my yes in submitting, just as long as you submit to God, too. 




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