Swipe Left

Words, tuned to a decadence..

As it sliced upon the precedents.

She layed lying lips upon her own soul,

While he bet borrowed funds of printed currency..

Purchasing her lies because he was impressed by her fluency..

And she wasn’t even a poet.

They come and go and words behold

If she can’t look you in the eyes, baby, swipe left.

If she can’t catch you when you’re bending, won’t stop you when you’re spending, caress you when you’re resting.. Baby, swipe left.

If she can’t recognize the light in you and mirror it so you can see, if she reminds you of your demons and won’t let those old things be, if her smile doesn’t make the rage inside you cool..

That’s a Jezebel not a Mary.  She exists, to serve the ego of the fool.

Swipe left, baby.

Right is the might of a woman that walks with her Truth. That has casted her shadows and burdened her cross, been delivered from demons and smiles, today, at each loss.

Right is the strength of a woman who creates the waves. With the humility in her essence that currents destiny  to flow “his way”.

Right is the sight of a woman who sees what you cannot.  Listen to her Truth, it beholds all you forgot.

Swipe left, baby. To all that is not.


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