The girl deflected the topic with her smile, with the corresponding upward twinkle of her eyes that fashioned perfectly with the emergence of her dimples. 

Every time I asked.. Mamita, do you remember your dad? What does he look like? And is he tall? 

As long as she offered me some imagery, I could broach a bit further.  This tiny, bubbly human harbored more emotional processes than I would ever venture to count. Just smiling, moving on, smiling..moving on… When the tears wept unproductively, because they didnt make him reappear. Or even call. 

Addressing her emptiness may interject and reroute the process of needing to service someone into staying. It may intercept the necessity to “fix the boys”, and become the support she always needed. Addressing and expressing is my daughter’s saving grace. 

I am so blessed to be her mother, I feel so blessed to be in this place. I am here to love & understand her and kiss the tears from her soul’s face. 

She is the iconic embodiment of an angel, who at the age of 6, has mastered Stength and Grace. Please guide me further Lord and allow me many years of life to do your work and support her, steadily in Your G.R.A.C.E. 


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