Dont let them steal your story.

Don’t let them steal your story.

The way that those bastards stole mine.

Don’t let them steal your glory..

They already rewrote 20 years of your lines.

Don’t you let them thieve you of your destiny..

They have already dulled too much of your shine.

Don’t conform to their asking of you, to, from your legacy, resign.

Those people that used you..that bruised you..

Those that fooled you.

Those that took your compassion and charity as a  resource..

That did so by convincing you that your personality merited a major re-course.

Don’t let those thieves take up anymore of your mind.

Don’t you let them steal your story, dont you let them deflate your pride.

Because we didn’t come all this way through life and death to birth you to watch, from the heavens, as you helplessly cry.

So dont you let them doubt your words! Dont you let them steal your story!

Don’t you dare let them keep you down.

You had big dreams before they robbed you baby.. Remember who you are and stand up with that crown.

You came to do what I didn’t accomplish

To write that book I didn’t pen,

You came with more fierceness in that smile of yours than my height as 5 foot 10.

You have more wisdom than you remember, so don’t you let them erase your memory of self.

So you say what needs wording! And place books upon books upon those shelves.

You have righteousness to write

You have compassion to ignite

You have sorrows to bleed..

You have people that will heal from what they will go to your books to read.

You have young mothers to direct,

You have unjust laws to correct.

You have abandoned people who need Gods light, upon which to reflect.

Don’t you dare let them steal your story, dont you believe their elaborate lies…

Now I want you to go wash your face and fix your hair.  Sit down with your pen, and let the Spirit write your rhymes.


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