I Will Tell You. 

Tell me why I don’t hear the birds sing like they used to.

Why the sun doesn’t toast my skin like it used to, why the sea doesn’t wash away my cries like it used to, why my cries don’t even tear like they used to…

They don’t run along the same creeks on my face, they don’t even conjure beneath my eyelids the same.

Tell me why my smile is so much more infrequent and my thoughts so incredulous. When my gut became a pessimist and when my feelings morphed to restlessness.

Tell me why the people are so full of greed, their agendas so reclusive of people’s needs and why I cant muster the motivation to cook dinner anymore.

I will tell you.

Because you are giving your effort to the wrong things, pouring your heart into the unindicated vessel, waking up to go where truth is not respected. You are drained from running around in circles on a track that is not even yours.


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