Father, Forgive Them.

Boom. Things crashing and cris-crossing into place. It seems that when we forget to pray the longest, opposition drums in chase, of our dreams.. turning the stillness of life into a stressful race. Or so it seems.  

Always appearing, fears of your psyche demonizing their own fate. “Monsters aren’t real, Mijo”, but he sees it in my face. I’ve seen ugly.  Stared the devil straight in his face – and the only way to come back from that, is to stand in PLACE.  

Peacefully resisting the infiltration of your space, only blending with complimentary shades while praying for the shadows of the long lost relatives, we mourn for, who abandoned this, conscious race. Those who made the choice to make NO choice and coward in the antonyms of conviction. For those, we pray. 

Father, Forgive them – for they know not what they do, they know not how they’re used, they care know not of You. Mother Spirit, plead an intercessive prayer on their behalfs.. so that the Karma due upon them is G.R.A.C.E.d with Mercy. 

The trouble with that request, daughter, is it’s subtracts potency for the lesson. The foolish follow the breadcrumbs of fate, while bypassing the miracles of faith. 


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