Why I Write


“Why do you love to write?”


“For several reasons.  The main one is.. it is my instinctual form of meditation.  I believe I write with and from my higher self to my self in this reality. I learn when I write about things no one can teach me except myself and the higher levels of consciousness, some would call God.  I write because I believe I write for someone else to read and benefit from as well… I write because…

I have an infatuation with the space between a thought.. and the way it is communicated.”


One thought on “Why I Write

  1. I’m a song writer. I totally get this. Sometimes you close your eyes and it just flow. Like you already knew the works and have sang them one thousand times before. Like tuning in the bunny ears to the right station in your mind and then your heart hooks in and out the magic comes.

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