The Bonfire Initiative

The Bonfire Open Mic – Write on White Gala


The Bonfire Initiative will be a community organization that serves to:

“Guide and mentor the young, raw-flesh writer who finds themselves on the edge of adolescence and adulthood aspiring to submerge his/her expressive talents and soul-felt adjectives into all the writing world has to offer and receive”.

This program serves as mentorship program whose goal is to educate today’s young writers on the current possibilities of becoming a professional writer and guide him/her along these steps.  We wish to involve and collaborate with published authors, copywriters, SEO specialists, journalism professionals, spoken word artists,  teachers and speakers to present these young writers with motivational examples of what others have accomplished personally as well as professionally with their love for writing.

“The thing is… to combine your passion for writing with a purpose.  

The talent and passion you share is a part of something EVEN BIGGER.  

The way you write intrigues a certain audience to read your articles or listen to YOU when YOU speak.  

What you have to consider is…. what are you telling them?  You are very important.  

What are you teaching them? They are learning from you.  

What do you want them to know?  

Answer that… and you will know what to do with your writing.”

Our goal is to guide these youths as they create the following tangible writing tools:

  1. Writer’s Resume with a much-needed Writer’s Portfolio (Tangible Book and an Online Blog)
  2. Expressive Writing: Spoken Word CD (or digital recording of poetry and speeches)  as well as Spoken-Word and Public Speaking Exposure and Coaching
  3. Resources: Offer Freelance Resource information and a compilation of online resources
  4. Publishing Basics: A guide into the world of Publishing and Self-Publishing WITH the submission of a published work to existing publishers

Our requirements

To become a writer, you must simply BE one.

The Bonfire Initiative is based on INITIATIVE.  We appreciate our local arts and artists, entrepreneurs and  professionals.  The most important thing all of these, quite possibly very different, members of society have in common is … INITIATIVE.

We represent a body of diverse members of a community that want to see the youth steer steadfastly toward their goals after a well-educated decision has been made.  The youth involved in this program are expected to be honest about their desire to be a part of this effort and can show that by demonstrating INITIATIVE in the following areas:

  1. Be a member of the Yearbook Committee for their school (as a class member or contributing writer)
  2. Be a member of the Media Class for his/her school or community group
  3. Be an active member of any extra-curricular writing clubs or organizations at his/her school or community group
  4. Is required to complete a shadowing process, that shall not conflict with current obligations in school, with a mentor who most closely matches his/her career objectives

Our Method —-> Community Relations:

By visiting language classes at local schools, we are able to offer the initiative to teachers and administrators who may want to participate in a class or school-wide effort to become involved in the events we hold for the local community:

Regular Open – Mic called “The Bonfire”

  • Weekend kid-friendly and youth oriented  (5PM Elementary Age, 6PM Middle School Age, 7PM High School Age)
  • Multi-lingual expressions welcome, with translated narrative
  • Expressive Poetry by and for youth
  • Suggested Projects
  • Spoken Word Journalism
  • Guest speakers who offer guidance and critique at every event
  • Open to musicians who have collaborated with a writer or have written their own songs to perform
  • Palm-Painting activity for all youth attendees to stamp their hands in a color of their choosing on a cloth that will be patterned and sewed as scarves for donations to the “Healing hARTs” program

Annual Bonfire Gala – August 7th, nationwide locations TBA

  • Purpose is to raise awareness for The Art of Writing and the Awareness of Art Therapy
  • Guest speakers in the field: Professional Writers, Art Therapist and Patients
  • Expressive-Poetry with costumed, choreographed performance
  • “Write on White” – Audience watches a projection of a poem being written in REAL-TIME and later performed

Our Allies —> Partnerships desired:

Freelance and Published Writers, Spoken Word Artists, Journalists/Editors, SEO Specialists, Copywriters, Art Therapists, Art Therapy patients, etc.

Re:Evolved Arts and the Re:Evolved Foundation: Orlando, FL

Lemus Arts: Orlando, FL

Florida Art Therapy Association: FL


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